Time lapse photography has had nothing but positive impact on a number of industries; construction being one of them. The cutting edge photo and video making technology has had massive success with construction, it’s no doubt the two make an excellent pair. As a result time lapse construction photography has become part and parcel of most projects. In fact, with the current trends, it is bound to become a basic expectation by clients from contractors. What makes this innovation so popular is the multiple benefits derived from it. If you are yet to try it, here are good reasons to consider time lapse in your next construction project.

Exceptional site monitoring

Monitoring various tasks being carried out at a construction site is demanding and takes up a huge chunk of time. With a time lapse camera taking regular shots and uploading them instantaneously, supervision of crew activities cannot get any easier. Constant feeds enable management team keep track of ongoing work and the progression of the project remotely in real time. When busy, they can also retrieve the stored footage much later for scrutiny of the days work. A lot of time is saved in the process which can be directed to focus on other critical areas that need their attention and presence or even monitor multiple projects at a go. This is efficiency at its best.

Detailed documentation and reporting

Time lapse photography offers high definition images that capture every step of the construction process. Even the smallest of details do not escape the lens. Such a comprehensive footage can be played back slowly to illustrate hard to explain concepts to investors, owners and even employees. It forms an essential part of the project’s documentation which is useful in not only reporting on progress but also promoting accountability by justifying time use, resource allocation and even the budgetary needs. Clients also get a chance to inspect and point out any concerns without having to make a trip to the site.

Better risk management

Putting up buildings comes with a great risk on safety and security. Hazards lurk just about everywhere. Dangerous heights, heavy falling objects, electrocution, tripping, slipping, tiny breathable particles just to mention but a few, are the most common risks. While stringent measures are usually put in place to minimise such occurrences, the undeniable truth is accidents will happen. Fortunately, when you time lapse construction sites, these moments get caught on camera hence point out the cause of the accident and managers find measures to mitigate its re-occurrence in future. Sometimes such cases end up in a court of law for compensation. A time lapse footage is valuable proof in these scenarios. The same goes for theft cases which are just as rampant in this line of business. Time lapse cameras can double up as surveillance cameras. Furthermore, they do an even better job given the stellar clarity of the HD images. In fact, sites with time lapse cameras report lower cases of theft once the crew is aware of the cameras.

Reinvigorates marketing campaigns

Time lapse construction photography gives your marketing campaigns a breath of fresh air. Its brief yet engaging, striking clips allows the visualisation of the contractors’ scope of expertise which says more than words can. Clients are visual beings and a time lapse film of the erection of a beautiful state of the art building from mere landscape or even a dramatic transformation just from renovation is a sure fire way to trigger interest and trust from prospective clients. Because people go online in search of services, the time lapse video usually with special voice or music effects, is uploaded on social media sites, embedded on the website, posted on you tube channel or blog to attract visitors. It could also run as a tv commercial or displayed in the office reception area.

Practical recollection and archiving

Contractors need to archive their projects just as property owners want to keep a memory of their long term project’s journey. What better way is there to create and store a film of breaking the ground, pouring the foundation and other memorable phases of a long term project in its entirety than through a time lapse camera with cloud storage? Time lapse specialists edit the film containing tens of thousands of high quality photos such that viewers can watch all the milestones, accomplishments and key moments in just under a minute or as desired. It would otherwise be impractical to watch or show weeks, months or even a year’s coverage of construction at normal speed.

By choosing to time lapse construction projects, you enjoy such rare benefits that you would otherwise miss with a conventional photo shoot or even a typical time lapse camera device. Time lapse brings a whole new dimension to construction photography when done professionally with specialised equipment. To get the best out of this innovation for your next project, get in touch early with construction time lapse specialists.