Amazing visuals have a way of stirring up an audience. In fact, attention grabbing videos and photographs typically run the digital space, the more reason people continuously seek powerful and breathtaking ways to showcase their subjects.

Thanks to this new found admiration for awesome snapshots and videos, aerial photography specialists have become popular now than before as more individuals and firms embrace their services, especially with the use of drones, a cheaper option to previous helicopters.

This is not to mention the myriad of other uses aerial photography can be put into besides marketing online. Aerial photography is just as vital in construction works documentation, land survey and mapping, crop evaluation, animal count, virtual tourism, security and sports, movies, concerts and other events coverage.

With the embracing of aerial photography comes providers offering the service. It is critical that you make your pick carefully to avoid future litigation, damage of property, injury and other undesirable outcomes associated with aerial photography.

If you are ready with a list of potential service providers you consider working with, here are 7 must ask questions and responses to expect. These will help you screen the aerial photography specialists and narrow them down. Let’s get started.

Question #1 Are you in possession of a licence?

To ensure you do not get dragged into the wrong side of the law and incur potential fines, work with licensed operators. This does not apply to aircraft alone but also drones.  Unless flying drones for recreational purposes, all commercial drone operators need to be licensed by Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority -CASA. Ask to see copies of remote pilot licence and drone registration certificates. Be sure they are up to date with current laws as these keep evolving. Beware of any purported aerial photographer using drones or other aircraft for commercial photography without a licence.

Question #2 What about a liability insurance?

Responsible aerial photography specialists invest in liability insurance. This is far different from the business licence and is actually mandatory. Your provider should be able to provide the insurance papers for scrutiny. A public liability insurance shields the provider and the client (you) should the drone crash and cause any injury to a third party or damage of property while in use. A UAV hull cover is equally important. If a provider cannot produce these documents, that’s a red flag.

Question #3 How much experience do you have?

Here, aerial photography specialists should give a history of their scope of experience with confidence. This includes the kind of trainings undertaken by them or their staff, the number of years of experience in operating drones or other flying crafts for photography and of course their aerial photography skills, flexibility and ability to tell a client’s story as requested. An honest specialist will also talk about their safety record. If it is clean, ask them how they will handle a malfunction or emergency situation should it occur.

Question #4 Can I see your portfolio?

At the end of the day you want a spectacular aerial video or images and that is exactly what should be provided. By going through a portfolio, you will be able to gauge the providers abilities in seeing the bigger picture, capturing interesting views and their post production expertise. Ask for previous relevant work examples or links to them. Do you like what you see? Any awards and recognitions are a bonus.

Question #5 What equipment do you use?

While you may not be knowledgeable about the tech of aerial photography equipment, you should still get an overview of what’s available for use. This ranges from drones, helicopters or whatever type of floating or flying vehicle, cameras and software. You can research on the reliability, performance, security and affordability of the solutions being offered.

Question #6 What services are being provided?

There are specialised aerial photographers who shoot specific events say weddings or construction works only. Others are general and will cover a wider range of events, sites and activities. To be on the same page with a provider, find out what exactly can and cannot be shot. Geographic boundaries must also be addressed if any.

Question #7 What is the duration and cost per flight?

It is important that you know the duration of flight and the length of video or number of images to expect from each flight. The cost will also be discussed at this point. Stay away from aerial photographers who have a fixed pricing structure or outrightly state their charges on their websites. Each clients needs and expectations are distinct. Therefore, pricing must be tailored to your specific requirements upon an in-depth discussion.

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