It is quite important in recent days to document your projects from the beginning to the end with compelling and engaging construction time-lapse footage.

Construction time-lapse camera help to record videos that help to showcase your work during marketing or create a long-lasting memory.

Long-term recording can be challenging since the majority of these cameras only last for a few hours. You will need to get cameras with inbuilt batteries that can last for so many days.

Construction time lapse help to generate entire stories of the new construction project, remodeling, and the whole construction process of the contractor. It helps to unfold all the actions entails during the construction process.

You can use the video footage on various social media platforms and websites in order to market the construction capabilities of your company.

There are so many types of cameras that can be used in time lapse. However, you will be expected to do a lot of research in order to select a camera that has a high resolution with a long-lasting battery.

These types of cameras are quite expensive and complex to handle. A big thanks to the manufacturing companies since these cameras are usually accompanied by a manual instruction booklet.

Fortunately, there are some affordable cameras in the market in the modern days that can help to shoot videos for only three months before the charge in the battery get exhausted.

However, sometimes cheap is expensive. These cameras need to be protected well since they are mainly affected by adverse weather condition. The chances of them failing is too high especially when the weather is unfavorable.

Therefore, you will be expected to read several reviews about the best construction time-lapse camera on the online stores and pick the one with positive ratings as well as good features that can sustain outdoor adverse weather.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Construction Time Lapse Camera

Technology has been dynamic for over some years now and many people find it hard to compete with these changes in technology.

Time-lapse footage is essential when undertaking a construction project and it needs a camera with high-performance features in order to capture quality footage.

Here are some of the factors to consider before purchasing a time-lapse camera for a construction project. The features include:

Storage Space

Before buying a camera consider its hard drive storage space. Space will enable you to know the number of files that are going to be captured in a raw.

Although cameras with huge storage space are expensive it is worth for your project. Construction time-lapse footage takes a lot of space since it records events from the beginning to the end.

Compatibility of Lens

A good photographer and videographer invest a lot in lenses. Sometimes if you need to shoot quality videos and photos, you will be expected to source quality lenses from other vendors but make sure these lenses are compatible with your camera.

Ensure the lenses are compatible with the body of your camera in order to avoid extra costs in your investment. Read the instruction on those adapters and identify features that match your camera body.

Resolution of Lens

Time-lapse footage needs to be of high quality especially if it is about the construction project. The quality of the footage is determined by the lens resolution.

Therefore, you are expected to select time-lapse cameras with high megapixel in order to shot high-quality videos. These video footage are quite essential when sharing them on social media platform to showcase some of your work.

Computing Horsepower

A lot of people usually overlook the performance of their computers when they are venturing into photography and videography especially those of time lapse.

Therefore, you need to source a computer that will have the ability to handle the processing of high-quality video and photos for construction time lapse.

There are some computers that have low performance and this may hinder the production of top quality time-lapse footage of your project.

The Power Storage Ability

Construction time-lapse footage usually takes a long period of time since you are expected to capture videos from the start to the end of the construction project.

Therefore, consider purchasing cameras that have batteries which can stay for some months before getting exhausted. This will help you to capture the right footage at the right time.

Environmental Resistant

Most construction activities are outdoor projects. The outdoor environment keeps on changing daily. Therefore, you are expected to source for cameras that can resist harsh weather during the recording of the construction time-lapse footage.