4 Reasons to Leave Construction Time Lapse Photography to Specialists

When operating on a tight budget, anything do-it-yourself comes handy in cutting back on a few dollars. That notwithstanding, some things are better left to the experts and construction time-lapse photography is one of them.

Used as a promotional tool by building contractors as well as for monitoring sites, the quality of a construction time-lapse video is so critical that the task cannot be assigned to just anyone. If you think you can purchase a time-lapse camera in the market, mount it and make an amazing video out of what is captured, you are absolutely mistaken.

For superior quality, professional visual presentation of any building project, a construction time-lapse specialist is your best bet and here’s why.

Their cameras are resilient with all-weather housing

Construction time-lapse photography comes with a lot of challenges that only a specialist in the field is aware of. Bad weather is one of them. The glaring sun rays, snowflakes, rain, and wind are all factors that can potentially wreak havoc on the quality of images and the camera itself. Because the experts are already aware of this, their construction time-lapse cameras are built with special housing and features to refract excessive light, deter device from freezing when extremely cold and keep the entire unit dry even when it pours. As a result, the quality of the footage is not compromised and the device remains functional regardless of the weather.

They have the ability to create multifaceted visual experiences

The more the visual variety available for the client, the greater the interest and the more likely you are to close a deal. Because of years of experience, a time-lapse specialist knows the right angles and combination of both ground and aerial views needed to achieve exactly that. Furthermore, the specialists come with the equipment and crew to get that job done. How much more would you have to invest in time, hardware, tools, and manpower needed for the same?

They work with unlimited storage space

Conventional time-lapse cameras are normally mounted with large capacity memory cards. This is not a reliable storage device for long term projects lasting from a few months to years. Memory cards have a tendency to fail when overloaded and you may end up losing your entire construction time-lapse photography work. When you partner with specialists, their cameras are designed to upload snapshots remotely hence you get to enjoy unlimited storage and secure back up of the film.

Reliable power supply

It is a typical scenario at most construction sites for power to be switched off or unplugged accidentally or intentionally for a variety of reasons. What then happens to your camera recording which Is dependent on an electric circuit? Even with a battery for back up, it can still fail you at some point when it runs out, worse without your knowledge. Specialists have invested heavily in technology that ensures the show goes on despite such power failures. With cameras that run on AC or solar energy plus battery, your construction time-lapse photography session will never have to be interrupted by a power outage. In addition, it is one way of being energy efficient.