There are plenty of construction time-lapse photography specialists in the world today. Many construction companies are adopting time-lapse video and images footage in order to market themselves over the internet.

These companies have experts who have knowledge and skills on how to edit the videos or pictures in order to tell the story about their construction activities to clients all over the world.

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Time-lapse photography is quite important for any construction project since the owner is able to see the progress of the activities on the site. It also provides the design how the building or the structure will be at the end of construction.

The pictures captured are usually in real time and there is no way Construction Company can trick the stakeholder. This is because the stakeholder can access the images in real time anywhere at any time.

We have different equipment that can provide images in the time-lapse depending on the kind of work that is being undertaken. We help our clients formulate a simple budget depending on the type of project that is supposed to be handled at the moment.

We have experts who have the skills and knowledge on how to use modern construction time-lapse photography for your project at an affordable price.

The Benefits of Construction Time Lapse Photography To A Construction Project

Time-lapse photography and videography are quite essential tactics to use when you want to monitor the construction activities at the site.

The time-lapse cameras are set in order to shoot videos and images during the entire period of construction. The documentation will help you to monitor the entire activities that took place during the construction.

Here are some of the benefits derived from construction time-lapse footage in terms of pictures and videos. The benefits include:

Commercial Purposes

The video footage helps to trace the process of construction from the beginning up to the end. The documentation can be used for commercial purposes where you can showcase some of the previous work you have done.

The pictures captured in the process can be shared over the social media platform in order to lure other potential customers into your business.

Saves Money and Time

All construction projects are usually monitored by a construction manager. They are entitled with the duty in order to ensure the work is done on time and it fits the budget presented to the construction company.

The manager will be expected to make quite a number of trips in order to go and monitor construction activities. The introduction of time-lapse photography will help to save on money and time since the manager will have an opportunity to monitor the project even in a remote area.

Dispute Resolution

The time-lapse cameras help to capture every event that took place from a construction site from the beginning to the end.

In case of any dispute or breach of contract, it can help the manager in charge to resolve the issues since there is some factual evidence.

Marketing Tool

Time-lapse photography helps to monitor construction actives in a site. Once the activity is done, you can use the pictures and images for advertising or marketing purposes.

You can also upload these images or videos on your website and social media platforms so that they can be used by the potential business clients or customers.

Access Videos in a Remote Area

Construction time-lapse footage can be viewed by the manager from a remote access and they can be shared easily with the management team.

In case there are any issues, the management team can deal with it instantly in order to avoid future chaos. This is because they are able to identify a problem and try to solve it immediately.

How Does Construction Time Lapse Photography Work?

Getting great time-lapse videos and images is not an easy work. You need to put into consideration several things in order to get high-quality pictures and video footage at the end.

You will be expected to mount a camera on a neighboring building or a vantage point so that you will be able to get great shots from the aerial point.

Ensure the camera being is waterproof and can withstand other harsh environmental changes. Set the time lapse interval that will be accessible to everyone in charge of the construction project.

The construction time lapse will monitor the whole process of property development. The pictures and videos will be an excellent marketing tool at the end of the event.