There is nothing amazing like having a stunning time-lapse image for your construction project. It can make your company sell a lot to other potential clients just from the first expression.

Developing a masterpiece of images of your time-lapse construction project, therefore, needs high-quality cameras that have high resolution.

The use of time-lapse images is possibly endless and many construction companies are aping the idea and it is really working out.

High-quality images are quite appealing and for sure these images can convert potential customers into real customers.

You need to invest a lot in cameras that are of high quality and long lasting in order to have an upper hand in this particular field.

Lots of companies are inventing ways on how to showcase their masterpiece of photography in time-lapse construction in order to remain relevant in the market.

Here are some of the tips that will help you showcase case your project in an amazing way as compared to your competitors. The tips include:

Right Equipment

This is a masterpiece factor to put into consideration when thinking about photography for a time-lapse construction project.

You need to purchase top quality tools needed to shot quality images. This should begin from cameras with high-resolution lenses. Ensuring you have enough battery power or solar back up is important for long duration projects.

Identify the Subject

This is the greatest hassle for many photographers for time-lapse construction. You will be expected to pick an area with a good landscape free from obstruction. You need to be mind full of morning and afternoon shadow which can effect the final product

A nice scene will enable your camera to shot or capture quality images needed to showcase your project to potential customers over the internet specifically the social media.

Exposure Settings

As a professional photographer, this one should not be a big deal for you. However, most of the construction companies lack professions when setting exposures for their time-lapse cameras.

Great masterpiece development needs professionalism in order to appeal to all prospective customers across the world. Ensure to set the exposure into Aperture Priority mode and select ISO in order to deliver the shutter speed that you need.

Evaluative Metering

This type of setting will instruct the digital time-lapse camera to take shots in full scene especially when deciding on the exposure.

Therefore, it depends on you if you want manual exposure or digital exposure selection. I prefer you go for manual in order to capture images that are valuable and appealing to the eyes.

Choose RAW or jpg

Quality images for showcasing the masterpiece of your project on time-lapse construction in RAW format. These type of images are so easy to edit as compared to jpg.

Depending on the size of the card but RAW pictures are the best and this will enable your construction company to stand out from the others after editing the images.

Switch Off Settings That Are Not Needed

Some of the most common settings that are not needed when taking the shots include; highlight tone priority and peripheral illumination correction. These setting will interfere with the quality of images being captured.

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