How Are Construction Time Lapse Cameras Different?

Time lapse photography has become increasingly popular with the advent of digital cameras in the 21st Century. Just about every smartphone nowadays is capable of creating time lapses, as are most digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs).

People are creating time lapses of a thousand different things – traffic jams, flowers growing, food decomposing, makeup routines, road trips and so on. These can be used for scientific study or entertainment purposes. The dramatic change in things over time never ceases to amaze viewers.

Construction time lapse photography is similarly growing in popularity owing to its usefulness in overseeing project progress and security. Additionally, construction time lapse photography is eminently useful for keeping investors updated and securing new business. It’s a fantastic way to market your work and keep the community affected by the construction apprised of the positive difference you have made to their neighbourhood.

Why Smart Phones and DSLRs Won’t Cut It

When it comes to construction time lapse photography, it would be ill-advised to simply put a smartphone or DSLR on a tripod and leave it there for several months while construction goes ahead.

A construction time lapse camera would typically need to be left outside for months on end, usually in urban areas. This means that it is not only open to a plethora of changing weather conditions and dust from the construction site but it would also be potentially exposed to theft or tampering.

Moreover, part of the reason why smartphones and DSLRs cost so much is because they are packed with features. These features would be rendered useless when the device is being used for the singular task of time-lapse photography

What A True Construction Time Lapse Camera Should Entail

A proper construction time lapse camera will be a camera designed around that one particular function. It won’t feature unnecessary additional functions that drive up the cost and operational complexity. It will be a simple and focused device made to do one thing well – take lapse photography reliably and transmit the data safely.

These cameras are typically very robust and come with weatherproof casing to ensure they don’t suffer from dust or water ingress. Moreover, they operate on extremely low power, enabling them to run continuously without any maintenance for months on end before needing a battery change. Some can even be operated on solar power and therefore never need a battery change at all.

The long battery life also means that they can be placed far out of reach of potential thieves or tamperers because operators won’t need to access it often.

These cameras often come with features such built-in infrared technology to enable the time lapse photography to continue throughout the night, as well as live data feed capability – which not only enables the operator to view the feed live but also make adjustments to the settings and angle of the camera remotely.

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