These days, the time-lapse technique has almost taken over the construction industry. If you go on YouTube, you would find tons of videos showing how a particular construction project progresses from the first stone to the final touches. There are also interior processes of the construction time-lapse, making the technique a great way to monitor your projects without the personal presence and also store memories. 

Construction time-lapse is also used by these companies for marketing purposes. The beauty of the videos is that there isn’t much left to be said.

But that isn’t all there is to construction time-lapse.

With a time-lapse, a project can be observed in different stages and dynamics too.  With time-lapse construction processes, even the very slow ones can be seen in just two minutes or less. Even a project that lasted several months can be compressed into an all-encompassing few minutes video.

Construction site supervision has evolved over the years and is becoming a strong Public Relations tool in the hands of marketers and construction firms. 

If there is a finished construction time-lapse video, the owner can upload the clips on social media or YouTube. When there is a need for opening a new structure, these videos can be broadcast or shown to potential clients.

Additionally, all the work a construction company has done can be promoted via a time-lapse video, making the project easily understandable and navigable. It also helps motivate the team to put in all their best.

Topnotch Construction Time Lapse Videos Require Excellent Equipment

If you have managed to make a comprehensible and eye-catching construction time-lapse, then you have completed no small task. You need an excellent camera with splendid operating life, weather-proof qualities, and capability of producing high definition pictures. 

By implication, the tools that are supposed to be used for construction time-lapse are supposed to be ones made specifically for the said purpose.

DSLR cameras are specifically built for this purpose. For a professional touch to your project time-lapse videos, an off-the-shelf camera is a piece of equipment you should avoid.

The good thing about the DSLRs is that they can function at top capacity with minimum assistance. The camera is set up in a way that you can have monitoring access through wireless networks so that you can capture as many images you want and as long as is necessary.

Several factors can affect your construction time-lapse video, especially the weather condition. A sudden change in the weather can make a huge impact on the internal software settings and quality of your footage. A weatherproof housing is indispensable in such cases.

Construction Time Lapse Assumes Professionalism of the Service

Time-lapse videos can be accessed even remotely and give the supervisor the flexibility of overseeing their work, collecting the tiniest detail, and tracking the progress of their projects with HD pictures. These pictures are made available to clients and they are a compulsory part of the service.

Those HD images are often made available on an online portal where a contractor can view and download them or show it to customers or potential clients whenever the situation warrants. It means while the camera is busy taking snapshots, a contractor can have access to countless images from a remote location. 

Stakeholders can always be in the loop on projects from start to finish. This technology has grown and can now be accessed on the go. Which means one can manage the images with Smartphone, in case there isn’t a computer close by.

There is a robust advantage of site monitoring to contractors which can be called into action by seeking professional construction time-lapse photography.

Perfect Editing Is Key

An excellent construction time-lapse video must have gone through a thorough video editing process. The field of view of your camera is important but if the video isn’t properly edited, all your work might amount to nothing. A minute-long video might require nothing less than 1,500 pictures and putting them together in the right form plus eliminating the noises (or unwanted images) are all a process to make your construction time-lapse high quality.

To get the desired post-editing results, you must invest in quality editing software which must be handled by skilled experts. Depending on how long your project lasts, this high-end software would be used to sort the images (some might run into several hundreds of thousands) and position them in the right sequence. 

 Whether you’re a big contractor or a small one, a time-lapse construction video that engages your potential clients makes all the difference. In a matter of a few minutes, a contractor can describe a full project to a brand that he wishes to win over.

These days, construction time-lapse is developing at a great pace and contractors have taken the initiative to properly manage and market their work.