In the last few years, time lapse photography has become very popular in construction sites. It is a vital document that shows the visual elements of a building. It is used by art directors to develop a time-lapse sequence of a documentary for construction of bridges, renovation of main streets and any other project.

It is the only modern tool that can be used to monitor and market a construction industry. It helps construction companies to monitor multiple projects in order to avoid delays as per the schedule stated in the project development plan.

Time lapse photography has helped many construction companies to reduce the overhead cost in order to accommodate their budget well without straining. It is because it reduces the number of hiring manpower to supervise and monitor the construction site.

These cameras help you to monitor the progress of your project while in a remote area. The cameras have the ability to view events in the construction site over a long interval but within a short period. The internal software of these cameras is protected from harsh external weather conditions.

You need to have a careful plan and identify a stable platform to fix the camera so that it remains secure throughout the period of construction. You will need to hire an experienced engineer who can fix the camera in a place that can view the construction site in all dimensions.

The construction sites are usually challenging and complicated. You need to assess the area well before thinking of time-lapse photography. It will help you capture films that are very clear and at the same time monitor the construction activities.

The high definition images from the cameras can provide information about the progress of work and other finer details that entails the construction activities. The videos can help to detect any form of theft from employees. Time-lapse photography has actual revolutionised construction activities in the world today.

Benefits of Time-Lapse Photography for Construction Industry

There are a lot of benefits derived from time lapse cameras in construction sites. These benefits include:

Monitoring of construction work from remote area

The time lapse videos can provide live monitoring streams of work in the construction site while in a remote area. You can supervise the ongoing project using your laptop or mobile through the video streams from anywhere at any time.

The progress of work can be shared with the stakeholders

Time lapse cameras and videos are known for supervision of ongoing project in a construction site. However, you can use the videos and images that are captured then share the progress with the owner of the building or the project being undertaken.

Promotion of project

Time lapse photography can also be used as a strategy of promotion of your construction company all over the online platform. You can capture films throughout the construction period and edit them into a full movie.

You can share the documentary on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Customers will look at your work and you are likely to receive a lot of requests or project development opportunity. It can, therefore, be used in digital marketing platform.

Recording and documentation

The cameras can give you an opportunity to record footage of the construction project and document it in case of any legal issues. There are some stakeholders in project development industries who usually fail to pay after completion of the project. These time lapse cameras can provide the source of evidence in case of a court case.

The relationship between Time-Lapse Videos and Construction

There is a lot of debate about the connection between time lapse videos and construction. Well, the research shows that there is a perfect match between the two. The videos captured usually help to showcase construction projects.

Stakeholders are given an opportunity to see the dramatic landscape changes at the site of construction within some seconds or according to the time set in the time lapse video camera. It is a unique video that can never be generated by any traditional video footage.

The footage videos from this camera can help to promote the company dealing in the construction since they are usually of high quality. It shows the exact position of the construction site in all dimensions. The videos are quite appealing and compelling at the same time.

How to Set Up Time-Lapse Videos in a Construction Site

Here are some of the tips that will help you to set up a time-lapse photography video in a construction site. The tips include:

Identity a stationary point

It is recommended to pick an object that can never be distracted by wind and other weather condition to result in movement. The object or the point selected should be stable.

Select the exposure mode

Manual mode is the most recommended exposure mode of capturing videos. In most cases, it does not result in changes while taking the videos.

Set the number of shots

You should do your mathematics well and identify the number of seconds you want your videos run. In most cases, a 25-second clip usually needs 30 minutes of shooting.

Check the quality of the shutter

Taking several time lapse videos can burn the shutter of your camera. It is advisable to shop for cameras that have DSLR with higher shutter activations. It will help you to take several videos for your construction project for a long period of time.