Time-lapse camera for outdoor has become popular in recent days especially in the construction sites. Lots of our clients have opted for this method since it plays a vital role in monitoring the workflow in a construction site.

How does time-lapse camera outdoor work? Well, this is a good question but it is also tough to answer. Time-lapse cameras help to record series of events taking place in a construction site and these footage are of great value to the stakeholders.

Therefore, before hiring a construction industry, these are some of the factors to put into consideration during the initial stages.

Time-lapse camera for outdoor construction site work in a unique way and it has become very essential in the modern construction industry.

Here are some of the reasons why so many people are opting for the time-lapse camera for the outdoor construction site. They include:


Videos speak more about a construction project and it is the best way to showcase your projects to potential customers.

Many people across the world have become visual oriented and in case you want to communicate an important issue then use podcast videos.

This is the reason for the growth of time-lapse cameras in the construction industry. These cameras help to capture video footage that will showcase the great work in your construction site.

Therefore, the time-lapse video footage helps to create a library for the future attraction of clients. These short video footages can be shared over the internet in order to create a positive impression on potential customers.


Are you in need of a documentation of your construction project? Well, getting a company that offers time-lapse video footage will do you great.

Setting up a construction time-lapse video will provide documentation of the entire project. The cameras help to track the series of events taking place at the construction site.

These documentations can help to get information that will be necessary for project management. The cameras display the progress of the entire project just from the beginning to the end.

Site Monitoring

Are you in a remote environment? Well, you need time-lapse cameras since they will help you to monitor the construction activities even while in a remote area.

The videos and the pictures will let you know if the construction activities are in good progress. You can easily monitor the project so that it follows the schedule that is set.

The clients are also entitled to video archives, live video observation, and project tracking. This is to ensure that all the stages of construction are accounted.

Jobsite Safety and Security

The time-lapse cameras help to record video footages that can be used to predict events, errors and even prevent theft cases.

Going through the videos recorded in the time-lapse cameras can easily help save a lot of resources and even prevent further incidents of theft.

Our company has quality cameras and they are able to capture video footages in three dimension format. Our services are quite affordable and they are of high quality.

How to Set Up Time Lapse Camera on a Construction Project

There are a lot of challenges in setting up cameras for the time-lapse project. Large construction sites need bigger cameras as compared to small construction activities.

Outdoor construction activities need specific cameras. These cameras need to be of high quality in order to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Place the tripod stand on a stable location so that it will not vibrate when the wind blows out. It will also prevent the cameras from not taking wrong shots.

You will be expected to program your cameras so that they can know the right time to take shots and record video footage in a construction site.

Place the cameras in areas that cannot easily be located by strangers. This is to avoid them being tampered with by unknown persons.

When the memory storage is full replace them with empty memory cards that have adequate space. It will enable you to capture as many video footage and pictures.

Once the entire construction activity is done, you can unmount the camera and transfer the files into a laptop so that you can edit where necessary.


Do you know how time-lapse camera outdoor construction work? Well, I hope the post has provided detailed information about the importance and various techniques of setting it up.

Therefore, you should find out the best time-lapse construction company that will help to capture videos and pictures that are essential in tracking the progress of the entire project.