The construction process takes a long time, and every client would love to see it completed within weeks and not months. Construction site time-lapse video can create inspiration for the entire process.

The time-lapse videos are very beneficial to both the company involved in the construction and the owner of the construction site. It is a great marketing and crucial tool for capturing videos for a construction site.

Do you want to showcase your next project? Well, consider installing time-lapse cameras around the construction site. This is the perfect way on how to document your entire construction project with ease.

Time-lapse has a capability of showcasing every story for either new construction or remodelling site. It helps to unfold every hidden information that took place during the construction activity.

Are you a contractor or a subcontractor? Well, this is the perfect tool to showcase your previous work over social media or the website of your company.

Why the Construction Site Time Lapse Video?

Time-lapse videos are quite beneficial for Construction Company. They are the primary sources of making the company grow gradually and be able to compete with existing ones. Here are some of the big benefits of time-lapse videos:

Promotional Tool

The time-lapse videos of a construction projects are powerful promotional videos. They can market and promote the development projects on the internet since the videos are blending factors for selling pitches.

The time-lapse gadgets can documented video footage of the entire construction process and compressed it in a way that it can be promoted over the internet.

Sharing of the video clips through the social media and company website can help to promote the company across the world. The footage creates a perfect way to lure clients to the company.

Collaboration Tool

Managing a construction site can be hectic. You need to visit the site regularly to inform the client about the progress of the construction site.

The good thing about time lapse is that you can collaborate with your client well without visiting the site. The video footage can be shared with the client while even in a remote area so that they can see the progress of their project.

Create Evidence

The construction site is prone to several risks. Therefore, the video footage can help monitor the entire structure by collecting vital information.

You can also use the footage for health and safety measures, solving sub-contractor disputes, and progress management.

The evidence collected from the construction site by the time-lapse videos also helps to bring everyone involved to be on the same page while discussing significant issues about the project in a meeting.

Save Money Documenting the Construction

Construction takes time, and it needs someone to monitor the process. The construction manager is supposed to ensure the project is completed within the stipulated time and budget.

Time-lapse cameras will save the manager a lot in terms of time and cost of traveling to the construction site. This is because the manager will have less visit to the site but have clear information about what is happening on the ground.

How Construction Time-Lapse Video Operates?

To gain a perfect aerial shot of an event, you need to install the time-lapse cameras on a vantage point that is free from obstruction.

Always remember to service your time-lapse construction cameras so that they can provide top quality video footage of your entire project.

Set your cameras such that the daylight snapshot can be shot every ten minutes and be saved into the server so that the client can have a view when they are in need.

The good thing with time-lapse construction cameras is that they can capture every progress of your project step by step until it is done.

Once the construction site is over, you can use the video footage as a powerful tool for marketing to showcase the success of your project to the prospective customers in need of the service.

You need to be extra careful about the type of time-lapse camera that you are binging on board to capture the video footage. There are so many cameras in the market, but some of them tend to be of low quality.

Consider cameras that are of high quality can withstand harsh weather conditions and have a battery that has a long life. The battery should have the ability to go for about two months without charge.

Also, consider a camera that is quite simple to set up, and it can be hidden in a place where workers will not readily have access to them. This is to collect comprehensive evidence for whatever is happening on the site for future reference.

In case you find it difficult to set up the cameras, we are pleased to help in setting up and making it ready for capturing video footage for your construction site.