As the name suggests, a construction time-lapse camera is a filming device that captures lapse of structural building such as of real estates, bridges or roads. Mounted cleverly at designated areas of a site, it captures snapshots at a set frequency as events unfold. The end result is accelerated footage of the entire project. Simply put, you can view the gradual development of a long term project from the ground through to completion in a compressed sequence.

The use of a time-lapse camera is however not limited to the construction industry alone. Ever wondered how a storm progression is caught on camera? Or, perhaps the budding of flowers? What about the transformation of cloud patterns and skylights? Huge live concerts, extreme sports and races, astronomy are all some of the areas that utilize the time-lapse technology for photography. The number of ways it can be put to use is simply limitless.

Back to property development which is our main focus here, how can time-lapse cameras be used for the benefit of the construction industry?

Building and strengthening the brand name

A polished picture (or video) speaks a thousand words. What a construction time-lapse camera does is produce such high-quality images and videos of the work done for promotional use. These are put in the portfolio of the construction company to wow would be clients when pitching to them. Better yet, the camera is enabled for live streaming and instant upload to social media networks, personal websites and blogs -the trendy mode of marketing in this digital era. As a result of showcasing construction prowess, the brand receives recognition from potential clients which generate new contracts and eventual business growth.

Although the primary function of the final images and video is marketing, the clarity and ability to view events in real time and remotely enables site managers to conduct their supervisory roles with so much ease which brings us to the next use.

Site management

The construction time-lapse camera is a resourceful site management tool. It is arguably an extremely challenging position that requires an array of diverse skills to successfully tackle the roles involved. Site managers are entrusted with multiple tasks aimed at ensuring structural projects run smoothly to completion. They oversee matters security, safety, costs, materials, quality and adherence to a delivery timeline. Seems like a lot to juggle right? Well, this is where the construction time lapse camera comes in to empower them.

Even when not physically present on the ground, they can take a peek at what is happening. This way, they account for workers tasks as well as the usage of materials and verify the accuracy of what is contained in the daily, weekly or monthly report. Breach of security or safety issues are also recorded on this camera. This is quite a common occurrence in construction sites and often involves lawsuits either for compensation in case of accidents or prosecution for fraud and theft. A construction time-lapse camera can provide the required proof in such instances.

Project overview

The film from a construction time-lapse camera is an efficient way to visually present the work progress to the project owners for evaluation. It verifies that the development is at par with predetermined timescale and proposed plan. This helps in decision making, pointing out areas of concern and recommending amendments.

Can’t surveillance cameras perform the same functions?

Well, surveillance cameras are a vital part of many construction sites and the benefits it presents cannot be overlooked especially with regards to security during the night or other dormant days of no ongoing construction. Nevertheless, a construction time-lapse camera has a lot more to offer owing to its advanced features.

Take, for instance, resolution. Not many surveillance cameras have a resolution of 4k and above. With a construction time-lapse camera, the resolution is exceptionally high giving you crystal clear images and videos that are simply unmatched.

Also, surveillance cameras provide a rather short term film. Since civil work lasts for many months, even years, a construction time-lapse camera is your best bet to capture it in its entirety.

Furthermore, the best construction time-lapse camera is self-sufficient and sustainable. It runs on solar energy, unlike surveillance cameras that need some backing from a power circuit or batteries. Their build is robust too and can withstand every kind of harsh impact say from extreme weather conditions. This ensures your filming is never compromised.

For stellar video coverage that you can proudly show the world, choose construction time-lapse specialists. They have the expertise and the tools. You do not want to undergo the frustrations of trial and error, wrong angles, wrong shutter speed etc. Let the professionals handle it and get you off the right foot.