Construction companies have a lot of things to handle simultaneously. The entire process of construction is hectic and you need to have a system that can help to monitor the daily progress of the project.

Any errors or mistake can affect the company negatively and even distort the brand to the entire world. Have you ever come across time-lapse? This is a system that can help to monitor and prevent any form of delays.

The system ensures there is proper management of time in the entire construction project. The stages of construction follow a certain time set in order to ensure the sequence is attained at the end of the project.

The construction time-lapse videos and photography has become the major inventions in the construction industry. It does several functions not only monitoring the project but also offering surveillance security.

The system happens to be the perfect solutions to all problems throbbing construction companies across the world.

You are able to supervise the work and monitor the progression of your project even while in a remote area.

Guess what! The time-lapse videos have the ability to develop a long lasting business relationship with your stakeholders and the owner of the project.

Time-lapse meaning

Do you know what a time-lapse camera is? There is a lot of information on the internet about time-lapse but most of them seems complicated.

In simple term, time-lapse photography or videography is a process where the cameras capture the frame of work at a slow speed in form of videos.

The shots help to record the growth of your construction project on a daily basis. When you play the videos, they play at a very high speed to outline the sequence of the entire construction process. Magical right!

Benefits of time-lapse for construction companies

There are a lot of advantages derived from using time-lapse. Some of the common benefits include:

Saves time

The construction time-lapse cameras have the ability to enable you to get access to the most current activities taking place on your construction site.

You can retrieve the video clips and share it with the concern parties rather than visiting the site to inspect where you will consume a lot of time.

The parties concern will promote the brand image of your company in the long run. The magical activities of the time-lapse are amazing.


The time-lapse cameras work 24 hours. This implies that it can even record a bird flying around your construction project.

Installation of time-lapse cameras ensure there is maximum security of your properties and cases of theft will be reduced completely.

Efficient Monitoring

Video cameras are the best monitoring tool in a construction site. The camera and DVR combo have the ability to capture real-time footage in your construction site.

You will have access to monitoring the progress of the activities from anywhere in the world. It will help to cut down the costs of hiring more human resources for monitoring the project.

Show Progress

Any construction company is supposed to share the progress of the project with the concern stakeholders or clients.

The time-lapse construction cameras document all the activities from the construction site and the video clips can be shared easily.

Frequent update about the progress to your clients will help to build trust and in the long run, you are likely to gain popularity.


It is a good thing to keep the videos of your project. It acts as a source of evidence for some of the work you have done in the past.

You can use the video in case of discrepancies to defend your work. Therefore, learn to install time-lapse cameras with DVR unit on your construction site.

Great Promotion

The growth of any business relies on marketing. The videos generated from the construction time lapse can help to promote the growth of your company.

The documentation of the videos can be shared over the various online platforms and social media for customers across the world.

The best time-lapse cameras for construction sites

Which camera to use for a time lapse? Well, this is a pretty question to ask. You need to know various factors that describe the good features of construction time-lapse cameras.

Here are some of the common time-lapse cameras for your next construction project:

The GoPro

This is a high-quality camera that is quite affordable. It has an inbuilt time lapse and the battery can last for a few days. It is suitable for doing small jobs. Its outer cover is resistant to any adverse weather like heavy rain since it is waterproof.

The Brinno

The type of camera is mainly design for construction purposes. It has a long last battery and the outer cover is waterproof. The cameras are suitable in areas where there is no power and the internet. The drawback is that there is no remote access.

The IP Camera

It is the best choice for construction site since it is an internet connected security cameras. It provides images of high quality and resolution. The battery can last for several years. It is very easy and simple to operate.