The Upside Of Using Construction Time Lapse Video

The Upside Of Using Construction Time Lapse Video

Construction projects can be tricky to run at the best of times. There are hundreds of moving parts to consider, huge costs involved, many workers to keep safe and anxious clients to keep happy.

As such, you might think that adding construction time-lapse video to your list of things to worry about is daunting, but the fact is, you will probably forget it’s even there. What’s more, you’ll be extremely glad you had it when you see the end result.

Construction projects take time, and so few people get to fully appreciate what actually transpired over the course of the project. It can be truly mind-blowing when one can step back and see the whole project unfold from start to finish. Seeing an empty lot transformed into a fully realised apartment building in minutes, for example, is never short of astounding – even for the most jaded and experienced players in the industry.

Marketing Applications

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a thousand pictures worth rendered at 24 frames per second? It could be worth a lot of money when it attracts new clients.

In the modern world of digital marketing, video content is king. A gorgeously rendered and professionally shot construction time-lapse video can attract many views – not to mention impress those who view it. It is the perfect way to show off just what your construction company is capable of or how your project was achieved.

Public Relations Applications

Construction projects can sometimes come with sensitive community relations. The site can be noisy or dusty, and it can be a real eyesore until it is finished and all the rubble is cleared up. Moreover, the long time that it takes to finish can make community members wonder if the project was worth all the fuss.

Generally speaking, construction projects uplift communities. They improve infrastructure and provide jobs while uplifting the area in question and making it more appealing to businesses and tourists, besides others.

A good construction time-lapse video can help communicate what has been achieved to affected communities, allowing them to see the project’s positive impact on the area. Moreover, the media will relish using the footage, which will help foster a good impression and positive relations across the board.

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