How Using Time Lapse On Brisbane Construction Sites Can Protect Them

Time lapses can be used to record beautiful sunsets, the movements of the stars, the blooming of a flower or the decay of a banana. Fascinating, but not nearly as useful as when time lapse is used on Brisbane construction sites to monitor and track all progress and movement. 

Movies are made up of thousands of individual photographs stitched together to convey a sense of progression and movement in a natural way. Typically, 24 photographs makeup one second of film, otherwise known as frames per second. 

Time lapses are similarly constructed videos but are put together from photographs taken at much wider intervals, such as half an hour apart. When played at normal speed – 24 frames per second – the progression and movement in the frame occurs at a much faster pace – about 12 hours per second.

This visual trickery enables one to see the change occurring over time in an efficient manner. 

How Does It Help In Construction?

Construction projects are typically under pressure to stay on budget and to complete on time, all while ensuring safety and security throughout. There is always a lot of money at stake, and this means that the project site needs to be carefully managed and monitored.

Time lapse facilitates better site management for contractors and site managers. It enables them to track and oversee work progress. In addition, modern ultra-high-definition cameras ensure that even the smallest of changes are visible between frames, providing clear evidence and a visual record that will continue to be extremely useful for marketing and training purposes.

It helps contractors keep abreast of the comings and goings on site, which improves safety and security as well. It’s a great tool for liability protection. 

What Are Some Of The Features?

Using time lapse services in Brisbane from experts such as Construction Time Lapse Specialists will ensure that the latest technology and the best skills are used.

Some of these features include the ability to log in remotely at any time to view a live feed or review progress. High definition video playback of the time lapse is standard, and the frame rate can be adjusted anywhere from one frame per few seconds to one frame per day, depending on the user’s preference. The client has complete control to adjust the parameters of the time lapse whenever they like.

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