Up until a decade ago when drones became acceptable, aerial photography specialists were not a common name in the commercial scene. While the benefit of their service was vivid, accessibility was a stumbling block for most SMBs. Initially, expensive options such as jets, gyrocopter and hot air balloons just to mention but a few, were hired for aerial photography. As a result, it was reserved only for high end projects as the available choice were too expensive and not worth the investment for mid range and low end projects.

Since the dawn of affordable, ground breaking innovation -drone services- everything has been revolutionised as businesses began actively seeking the services. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, sometimes remotely piloted aircrafts, are specialised flying objects, much smaller and lighter than airplanes. They are fitted with high definition cameras (and sometimes GPS sensors and software) designed to take aerial shots of land, a site, building structures and whatever features being targeted beneath it.

Aerial photography specialists are the service providers and designated pilots for drones. They set up the equipment and manipulate it using remote controls to manoeuvre up in the air and above a subject capturing aerial photos or taking videos. The uniqueness is, it gets manned remotely -some drones even navigate autonomously- and it is by far more pocket friendly than the earlier options. Now the mainstream method of aerial photo shoots and videography, here are some of the most popular adopters of aerial photography by drones for business.

Hospitality and Tourism

This is one of the largest industries and it is highly dependent on intense marketing to successfully attract local and international tourists. What better way is there to do it than through a striking visual presentation of what’s on offer? Luxury hotels, resorts and lodges are employing the services of aerial photography experts to capture aerial views that attractively showcase a broader more captivating picture of what the experience would be like. Potential visitors are likely to be deeply engaged with a combination of oblique and panoramic aerial photos of not only the residence but also a scenery of the nearby places of interest, attraction sites, the beach, malls, parks, the airport and other amenities within close proximity. This has seen an increase in bookings by online searchers as a professionally done pictorial concept says all this and a lot more than a block of text ever will.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Real estate is highly competitive and to cut through hundreds of listings to emerge at the top, realtors are employing modern digital marketing tools to stand out. Aerial photography specialists provide these tools to support their efforts. Home or commercial complex buyers look beyond the unit(s) when choosing to buy property. Home owners for example want to see available recreational facilities such as tennis courts, golf courses or swimming pools; learning institutions; shopping centres and so on, without the trouble of physically visiting the place. Images depicting the entire neighbourhood are five times more visually appealing and likely to ignite an interest in potential buyers. Realtors who use aerial photography services have reported to closing deals faster and drastically improving their success score.

Construction and Civil Engineering

Development of buildings and infrastructure is heavily reliant on the quality, accuracy and precision of data particularly during the survey and planning stage to determine the feasibility of the project. A little deviation could mean a waste of resources and even cropping up of future hard to mitigate problems. Contractors doing private building projects or public works, consult with aerial photography specialists to collect comprehensive geological data using GPS sensor drones in the most economical, efficient and fast way without a chance of overlooking any critical details. As work proceeds, regular aerial snap shots are documented and used to explain better, concepts such as materials and labor allocation, monitoring and reporting on progress, inspection of the project from various angles etc. Once completed, the collection highlighting every milestone of the journey forms the focal point of the firm’s portfolio, portraying not only their expertise but also a kind of sophistication that is bound to hook any prospective clients.

There are several other industries that are increasingly using aerial filming to improve on their service delivery and amplify their business strengths. Event coverage and film making firms are coming on board too as aerial photography provides an enchanting way of telling a story visually. Documentarians, media houses, wedding planners, movie makers, all seek to employ this cutting edge technology into their visual media. Agribusinesses have not been left behind in the use of aerial images to assess and manage crops and livestock in vast farmlands. Whether a security firm, educational institution or automobile dealership, the possibilities of application are simply endless. Talk to aerial photography specialists today and get insights on how to scale up your business with this new affordable trend.