Construction companies are experiencing a lot of competition in recent days. In order to stand out from your competitors, you need to adopt modern technology. This is the reason behind the popularity of drones in the construction industry.

There are so many companies offering construction drone services. But what makes each one of them stand out? Well, the quality of services matters a lot when it comes to competition. Construction Time-Lapse Specialists scores more marks when it comes to offering impeccable services.

We are experts in operating drones around your construction site. Our drone are equiped with multiply redundancy systems when ensure maximum safety when operating around your construction site.

Our cameras fitted on the drones offer high resolutions in order to capture some of the top quality video footages and images. This can give you the preview of the progress of your construction project.

Are you in need of three dimensions or two dimension videos and pictures? Get us on board. We have been in the industry for over half a decade and we know what fits you well. The experience and knowledge our team has in the industry are on another level as compared to the existing competitors.

We offer quite a variety of drone services. In this post, you will get to learn more about some of the top drone services for your construction project that we offer.

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Types of Construction Drone Services

Construction sectors have experienced a lot of changes due to continuous inventions that are taking place. Some many companies are struggling with how to cope with these changes.

Before picking any company to offer drone services in your construction project just think about their expertise. Construction Time-Lapse Specialists has what it takes for your next project.

Here are some of our construction drone services that we do offer to our clients:

Aerial Photography

Sometimes back before the invention of drones, taking pictures for your construction project was too expensive and many people used to avoid it. You were expected to hire a helicopter.

Fortunately, the introduction of drones has made life easier and cheaper. While price is important its important to understand what Drone companies are offering in the way of quality , There is a major different between a go-pro image and a image form our 42 megapixel camera You only need to get a construction company like Construction Time-Lapse Specialists that has all the tools needed to make your entire construction activity amazing.

Getting us on board, you are entitled to get aerial images of your construction project at each level. We fly drones over the site and capture quality images that will meet your needs at an affordable cost.

Drone Mapping and Surveying

Construction projects need accurate data so that you can prepare a budget for materials needed in the construction activity. You do not need to waste time by hiring surveyors on the ground to do it manually.

At Construction time-lapse Specialists , Our drones fitted with special cameras that can help to provide accurate data during mapping for your construction project.

Drone Surveillance

Construction sites are prone to theft from outsiders and insiders. This is likely to increase the overhead costs and the entire project is likely going to be expensive.

We offer security surveillance services at an affordable price. This is done by setting up drones for surveillance at your construction site.

The cameras on the drones can take shots in terms of pictures and videos. You will be able to spot any person who is unauthorized getting into your construction site. This will also minimise theft cases.

Drone Inspection

Building inspections in vital in any construction activity. The process can be involved, costly and risky especially if it is done manually.

Fortunately, drone technology has helped to reduce the risks associated with building inspections and it has also made the entire process inexpensive.

At Construction Time Lapse Specialists, we are able to fly the drones around your entire building checking where there is a problem without risking the lives of any person.

We make the entire activity look simple and easy. The drone record footages of the whole building and also take shots of some parts of the building that needs correction.

Enhance Communication

Construction Time Lapse Specialists have the skills of integrating the aerial image data with cloud-based videos. This will able you to comment about the construction activities taking place at your construction site while in a remote area.

The real-time videos can also create awareness, efficiency, and productivity of your employees at the site. The monitoring system will able you to know and pass necessary information pertaining to the whole project.