What is timelapse? Is it photography or videography? Those are two interesting questions to think about them. Many of us have heard about the term, but they do not know anything about it.

However, time-lapse is an exciting and fantastic topic to toss our mind on the blue ocean. Well, I would say time-lapse is both photography and videography. It is a lengthy topic but worth knowing it.

Time-lapse involve the use of high quality cameras to shot both fantastic films and pictures. Most of the time-lapse cameras are typically used in construction sites and many other events.

Time-lapse has been made easy and straightforward in recent days due to the invention of smartphones that have unique apps to undertake the whole idea.

You no longer need to struggle to purchase expensive cameras to make your work stunning. Unfortunately, these cameras are great in case you are managing a construction site.

Phones are great for domestic uses only, but time-lapse cameras are suitable for commercial purpose. Do you want to see the progress of your construction project? Or do you want to manage the entire project while in a remote area? Well, consider time-lapse cameras.

In this article, you will get to understand what the meaning of time-lapse is and some of the benefits associated with videos in your next construction projects.

What Is Time-Lapse?

Time-lapse is a kind of a video where long project or events are displayed within a brief period by making the footage run faster.

The videos can display information from the beginning to the end of the construction process. Construction activities take an extended period and visiting the site regularly can be boredom.

Installation of time-lapse cameras will do you are great favour since you will have the opportunity to monitor the progress of the project while at the comfort of your home or office.

You need to shop cameras that are of high quality and those that can withstand harsh weather conditions. You are expected to be extra careful when purchasing them since there are a lot of counterfeits in the market.

I won’t recommend any but bring on a construction company that is well versed with modern technology in construction. We have been in the industry for a couple of years, and we have done this for our precious clients.

What is the Time Lapse Mechanism?

The time-lapse mechanism is a cringe worth term to also learn about it. The mechanism term means creating a continuous flow of videos from the time-lapse cameras at the required speed.

Editing and creation of time-lapse videos need a profession. You cannot handle this stage when you do not know how to set up the entire system.

We have a team of experts who have the skills and knowledge on how to set frame per second capture of the cameras to shot video footage promptly.

The settings help to boost the rate of frames, and this will enable the videos to pass a high speed despite the long period of the construction process. It also makes the video footage short with lapses in the time.

How It Will Benefit Your Next Project

Many clients would prefer the construction of their project to go very fast, but in a real sense, this takes a lot of time.

It is the reason behind to have regular updates to see the progress of the entire project while in a remote area. The time-lapse camera comes in to play a significant role.

Here are some of the benefits of installing time-lapse cameras in the construction site of your project. The interests include:

Project Management

Time-lapse limit the number of times visiting the construction site since you can manage the construction activities even in the remote area. The cameras capture the day to day events of the construction in real time.

Share Report with the Clients

The time-lapse cameras can keep the clients and other stakeholders up to date with reports about their projects. They can log into their gallery whenever they are and be able to monitor the progress of their projects.

Powerful Tool for Marketing

The videos captured by the time-lapse cameras are usually in the form of HD. They tend to be stunning making them suitable for sharing on social media and company website. Sharing intends to promote the company to reach prospective clients.

Development of Evidence

The construction process is susceptible to the conflict between contractors and sub-contractors or sometimes to theft cases. The installation of the cameras around the site can help to provide evidence to resolve any resulting issues.

Safety Measures

There is some part of the structure that is unreachable during construction. You need these cameras to monitor every part so that in case of any damage or crack, you can easily spot. These signs will enable you to alert the workers on the site about the situation for safety measures.