In today’s evolving economy, staying in business is not about working hard anymore but rather working smart. How? By utilising emerging technological trends to improve your processes, become more efficient, have a modern outlook, work faster, save time, lower costs, reach wider and so on.

Embracing time lapse filming of projects is one such smart move for businesses in the construction industry. At least that’s what our customers have to say.

As Australia’s leading construction time lapse photography specialists, we always receive overwhelmingly positive comments on what transformations our time lapse video has had on businesses.

Gathered from feedback received, here are 9 most common areas a time lapse video has changed the game and why you should consider bringing time delay photography specialists like us on board for the same.

Convenient access from anywhere anytime

Having to drive for miles to view a construction project or several ones for that matter is history. With a time lapse video, you can obtain footage of the site in real time from wherever you are whenever you want. With a smart phone, I-pad, laptop or other enabled device, assessing progress is as quick and convenient as swiping through your device screen from your office desk or favourite coffee joint saving time and fuel costs.

More productive use of time

As a result of the convenience of virtual access to the site, the number of actual physical site visits reduce drastically and free’s up the calendar. This significantly improves productivity. A lot of time spent moving around assessing every part of the project or multiple projects can actually be saved and diverted to other critical areas of the business such as sourcing raw materials, finding new prospects and closing deals. Even resting to reduce fatigue.

Project duration flexibility

With professionals there’s no limitation to the length of footage whether doing a one week’s long renovation or a long term building of a complex that will take years to complete. While anyone can capture a time lapse video even using just their i-phone, a dedicated time lapse specialist is dependable and flexible. With the right equipment and technology they have what it takes to have all the short and years long projects captured on camera in detail.

Authentic documentation

A time lapse recording is made of snapshots taken every few seconds or minutes. It provides a true picture of reality and its authenticity is undisputed. In case of conflicting information on the version of events, it can be played back slowly to provide the real picture. Such is reliable evidence in case of accidents or crime at the construction site which is quite common occurrence. Companies have been saved (and also made to pay) hefty fines and compensation where the footage shows beyond reasonable doubt, who was at fault. In addition, safety and security gaps become identifiable and sealed.

Increased brand exposure

Building your brand name couldn’t get any easier. A time lapse video is not only easily accessible by stakeholders but also quickly shareable on the various social platforms to a huge and hungry audience. Social media is a powerful marketing tool. With people always looking out for something fascinating to view and share, uploading your construction time lapse footage will grab the wanted attention and like wild fire get your business expertise exposed rapidly. Potentially bringing in new leads and prospects.

Variety of perspectives

With a combination of both out and indoors camera and some aerial shots, a time lapse video is wholesome and provides an all round perspective of things. Even those hard to view places become accessible to the eye. Instead of using memory to gauge a before and after, one can quickly play back or pull two scenes for up close comparison and scrutiny. Inspection is thus simpler and complete.

Better collaboration

During top management meetings, a time lapse video becomes a common book from which all attendees read from. It ensures everyone is on the same page by backing up reports on progress, material usage, labor needs, filed accident, work quality etc. What is on the ground is crystal clear thus no conflicting information or fictitious claims can be given. This is regardless whether it is a sit in or virtual meeting.

Improved team performance

From these clips, lots of valuable data pertaining to work flow, efficiency and manpower can be mined. This data is crucial in providing useful insights to the team on areas that need strengthening and improvement. In addition, they can also be used to showcase their achievements and thus praise their effort and boost morale.

Reach marketing goals

Sales and marketing departments have reached their marketing goals and even surpassed targets by utilizing professionally done time lapse construction films to close deals. They are short and straight to the point yet attention grabbing and super powerful. Far more effective than explaining yourself using too many words or still dead photos especially with the limited time marketers are given by potential customers.

If you’ve only just been dazzled by the action in time delay clips but have never really thought about how revolutionary it’s been for the construction business, now is the time to make that smart move. Do not hesitate to contact us for a professional time lapse video of your project.