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 Specialising in Construction timelapse photography , Civil Works and Residential projects

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We specialise in long term construction time-lapse and aerial photography.
We back this service up with a quality video production that showcases the results during and upon project completion.
Construction Time Lapse Specialists will create a time lapse video to your exact specifications. We take the time to understand your objectives to ensure you receive a time lapse video that highlights your projects perfectly.
Long term construction time-lapse photography and video productions will provide you with valuable visual content which is ideal for:
Marketing on your website and across your social media channels
Engaging your customers and stakeholders like never before
Training and education
Real time project monitoring
Our cameras can be installed indoors or outdoors and can run on AC or solar power. High resolution images are uploaded in real time so you can monitor and track project progress. Simply log-in and view/download the latest images on-demand!
Long term construction time-lapse photography is perfect for residential and commercial developments, land and property development.

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Live remote access to video

High Definition Time Lapse Video

Minimal installation or maintenance requirements

Liability Protection: provides a photographic history of site activities on any given day, and can assist with site security.

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View your project anywhere, anytime of the day

Our online gallery is viewable on any device, equipping you and your clients with powerful tools:

Easily search and view photos from any point in the project.

Share links to specific images, or download any photo for use in reports and presentations.

Browse by date and time, and then zoom in closer with high resolution photos.

Control Remotely

Remotely configure over twenty settings from any device at anytime during the project.

Change your shooting regime anytime, and from anywhere.

Configure your camera to trigger photos anywhere between one every few seconds, to just one per day.

Choose when to upload your images (every image as it’s taken or as a batch overnight).

Dynamic online gallery

The powerful HTML5 gallery can be viewed on any device and allows you to:

  • Customise branding and splash screen and host at your URL.

  • View any photo from the whole project at any time.

  • Overlay and compare any two photos.

  • Embed, download and share the high-res photos.

  • View and download your own time lapse video with selected date ranges from 1 day to 6 months.

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 Drone Photography

Combine drone photography and video with your time-lapse into your monthly reporting
Specialising in Construction, Civil Works and Residential projects

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