The construction industry is as big as it is competitive in Australia. A myriad of building and renovation projects come up every year; schools, apartments, corporate complexes, malls, stadiums just to mention but a few. At the same time, there exists hundreds of construction companies fighting for the attention of the owners of these projects. How then do you as a business in this saturated sector, stand out from the rest to earn a significant share of the pie? By being different with both the quality of your work and marketing techniques. A time lapse company Brisbane can help you be exactly that using time lapse videos. Unlike traditional videos which may be striking but take too long that it is impractical to watch everything, time lapse videos are straight to the point, unfolding the sequence of events in seconds. How is this useful?

Website presence

Every forward thinking business owner is moving towards modern methods like digital marketing and search engine optimisation to build their brands. If your website is as good as dead due to lengthy periods of inactivity, it means competition is way ahead of you, even though they might not be as good as you. See, an estimated 70% of the population goes online in search of services whether looking for new businesses or already having a name in mind. Nobody will bother contacting a business whose site or blog was last updated 3 years ago. You need to revamp your website and business blog with fresh content consistently. But every other construction site has that right? Well, supplementing that with mind blowing visuals like aerial shots and time lapse clips of your projects will no doubt pump life into it. These can be professionally done by a time lapse company Brisbane to give your website an edge over others. A visually appealing construction website is more likely to have a lower bounce rate hence increased brand recognition.

Social media presence

Social media is a wave that businesses cannot afford to ignore. The main reason why a construction time lapse company offers clients instant upload of their images and videos to social media is because it has become so crucial now than before. In this era, no business can dare not be part of social networking. Reputable brands have at least a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and an Instagram account. LinkedIn also provides a platform for creating business networks. Social media enables you engage with followers, update them on new services, offers, answer their questions and even educate and inform them with provocative posts. To direct the spotlight to your brand however, needs incorporation of something eye catching. Time lapse videos are the internet buzz. You can instantly upload and even tag the time lapse photography expert to widen the reach, shares and gain each others followers. Being prominent on social media in an appealing way, keeps your brand embedded on would be clients’ minds and they automatically think of you whenever they need or want to refer a construction contractor.

Local presence

Did you know that Google My Business now has a feature that supports video upload? This is simply a game changing opportunity for local businesses like yours. Other directories charge a small fee for video format uploads which is worth every dime. It is great that you are already listed in GMB, Yelp and other relevant local directories. That notwithstanding, there must be something special about your business profile to make your listing pop from among dozens of others. Construction time lapse will do the trick for you. It offers a beautiful and captivating way to tell a condensed story of a long term project in seconds. If your time lapse company Brisbane offers drone imaging services, you can incorporate some aerial perspectives to your listing as well to make it exceptionally attractive to searchers, increasing click through rate and converting them to clients.

Besides producing fascinating films of long term work in a short time, time lapse photography has other well-known amazing benefits in construction sites and clients are well aware of that. In fact, investors in the know will soon be demanding if not seeking construction service providers that have already partnered with a time lapse company Brisbane before to not only gauge their expertise visually but also be guaranteed of efficiency in reporting. Construction companies utilising time lapse cameras are known to be proficient in their operations. Remote site monitoring, efficient management of resources, effective supervision of crew, top notch surveillance all boils down to high quality results. Outstanding work makes clients happy and this gives the brand name its reputation.