Do you want to capture captivating time-lapse videos for your next project? Well, you need to know how a time lapse camera works. The videos are altered from reality making them fun and exciting.

Time-lapse has brought massive impact in the society today and many companies especially those in the construction industry have adopted the technology to make their work easier.

The technology enables the manager to monitor the construction activities at the site even while in the remote area. The system can be connected with your smartphone or laptop for easy access.

The collaboration between the client and the company involved has been improved in recent days unlike in the past. The clients can know what is happening on the site even without a physical visit to the site.

However, you need to pick a company that is up to date with the ever-changing technology to enjoy some of these services. Do a thorough search before deciding on which one will handle your project.

We are among the global leaders in the construction industry, and our team knows how to use time-lapse cameras to capture captivating videos for a construction project.

In this post, you will learn the importance of time-lapse camera video in your next project and the tips on how to create captivating time-lapse videos.

What is a time-lapse?

Time-lapse is a term that has been confusing so many people despite it being popular nowadays. The trend of the time has awakened the deep urge to know more about it.

So many forums over the internet are giving a different meaning of time-lapse, and this has, in turn, arrested the mind of many people. The urge has even been triggered by how these time-lapse cameras work.

The fantastic films made from reality but altered in a way that is creative to showcase a particular event or scene. The videos result in a long-lasting memory in an individual mind.

Therefore, time-lapse is a process of documenting a project from the beginning to the end making them exciting and engaging to the user.

This is a great way to showcase your work to the world by sharing the videos on social media or the company website. Time-lapse is a life changer in the construction industry.

The time-lapse cameras will capture the images automatically and later be used to create footage that will have a special place in your mind as well as the heart.

The videos are stunning and fun especially the way they are being displayed. Create a great platform to monitor the progress of your project.

Why time-lapse camera video?

Time-lapse videos can show events that occurred for about hours, weeks, days and months within a short period like seconds or minutes.

We have a team of experts who have the ability to set time-lapse cameras into exposure settings and timer intervals for shooting films.

Here are some of the importance of time-lapse video for your next project:

  • Awesome Marketing Tool
    Once the project is done, the videos can be altered in a creative way that can be used for marketing, promotional and advertising purposes. This is usually done by sharing the films on social media and even the company website.

    Time-lapse videos create an opportunity to lure prospective clients to your company. This will give you a chance to showcase the beginning up to the end of the project creatively and entertainingly.

  • Watch the Video Remotely
    Time-lapse is great. You can view the video even while in the remote area. The videos give you an opportunity to monitor and manage a construction project.

    You can also handle issues about management while in a different location. The films give other stakeholders and client real live information concerning the ongoing project.

  • Resolve Disputes
    Time-lapse videos play a vital role in management. The cameras capture footage for everything that is happening on the site. Footage will provide evidence that will help to resolve disputes between the workers on the site. The cameras also act as CCTV.

How to create a time-lapse video

Creating time-lapse videos is quite easy and straightforward. You only need to have high quality time-lapse cameras that can withstand harsh weather.

The following are steps on how to create a time-lapse video from a video file. The measures include:

  • Install Video Studio
    This is a video editing software that you can download and install in your laptop or any PC. Follow the onscreen instructions until it is installed successfully. The instructions are quite clear and straightforward to understand.
  • Include video to the timeline
    Open the video studio timeline then drag and drop the time-lapse video. Adjust the speed rate of your video from the software and try to playback until it fits your needs.
  • Develop a Time-lapse video
    Select the speed by right-clicking the video studio timeline. Drag the speed scrubber to the right to increase the rate and try to preview it before deciding on the best option.