The journey of property development is a complex stretch with a bee hive of activities ranging from the planning phase right up to when the project is finally commissioned for occupancy. Fortunately, technological innovations have a way of simplifying tasks, improving efficiency and lowering costs associated with each developmental stage. Brisbane construction photography services provide that kind of technology for investors, developers, contractors, marketers and other team members.

What is construction photography?

Construction photography involves taking snapshots and videos to create a professional recording that reflects part of or the entire process of a property’s development journey as per client’s needs. This type of photography is far different from others because it utilises specialised equipment such as time lapse cameras and drones for aerial imaging. Construction photography is also purposeful and its application cuts across the entire project from as early as land selection to months later when creating listings for the completed property. Here are some insights on its application.

Land survey and planning

Prior to actual construction is the survey and planning stage where surveyors analyse the land and map it. Imagine the amount of ground work that would need to be covered for enormous pieces of land, not to mention the time it will take and unforeseen dangers that may be lurking. Working independently or in collaboration with surveyors, Brisbane construction photography specialists provide drone services that capture crystal clear aerial images of the land. The drone gathers valuable data and gives detailed information which if missed could potentially cause future hitches. It allows the terrain to be well documented in three dimensional maps. Hazards and challenges likely to be faced are unveiled by the images upfront and addressed before construction commences. Availability of precise and accurate data about the topography and the measurements of surface area and distances results to better planning. In the end, everything is accomplished at a fraction of the time it would normally take surveyors doing it manually.

Site Management

Once construction kicks off, managing the site involves getting pulled in all directions; supervision of crew, allocation and monitoring of material resources and ensuring progress is up to speed with the agreed time schedule. This can be quite a challenge especially when dealing with multiple projects. Brisbane construction photography services can mount time lapse cameras to enable site managers monitor the activities remotely and quickly, helping them view on-going indoor and outdoor tasks using uploaded footage. Even stock taking of materials and verifying installations without being physically present is made possible by simply swiping through a screen. The images provided are useful as proof of progress when reporting on how far the construction has gone given that they are in real time and come with time stamps.

Quality evaluation

Brisbane construction photography services present an opportunity for quality evaluation using time lapse images and drone photography for aerial inspections. Project investors, site managers and other interested parties are able to scrutinise the construction including all the hard to reach parts of the structure with so much ease and safety from heights. Inspecting a skyscraper is as easy as watching a HD video clip. The film quality allows any structural issues to be identified and rectified. Without these services, they would have to go the traditional way; up a ladder, use cranes or some sort of elevated structure to assess out of reach tops, edges and corners of the construction project or hire airplanes for photography which is not a money smart option.

Digital promotion

The high quality 3D images and videos provided by the time lapse cameras and drones are edited by the construction photography specialists into awesome visual presentation of the project. These amazing images and videos are normally used by the digital marketing team and real estate agents for promotional use. The beautiful media clip is embedded on websites, posted on social media and added in portfolios to showcase advanced design, planning and construction expertise to prospective clients. The construction photography experts are talented in making the most out of unique angles and surrounding landscapes and features to make an attractive listing of the property that entices potential buyers.

To get quality filming for any of these purposes, even if just to have a long lasting memory of your next construction project, do not hesitate to contact construction time lapse specialists. We pride ourselves in providing economic, time saving and secure time lapse camera and drone imaging solutions for Brisbane construction photography needs.