Rookie Mistakes Often Made In Construction Time Lapse Photography

Construction time lapse photography is inherently a long-term project, often taking months or even years to complete. Service providers must understand that long-term time lapse photography has significantly different requirements from short-term time lapse photography.

When you choose to employ professional construction time lapse services from a company like Construction Time Lapse Specialists, you can be assured that we won’t make any of these commonly made time lapse photography mistakes. This includes careful planning ahead of time and knowing what equipment to use and how to use it.

Treating Time Lapse As a Product, Not a Service

Since construction time lapse takes so long to complete, you will be fulfilling the task over months or even years, depending on the scope and size of the construction project. This will involve maintenance, regular checkups and monitoring of progress, as well as adjustments to the settings, among other things. Treating it as a service also means that the client can potentially have access to the photography as it’s uploaded to the cloud daily and not just at the end.

Choosing A Poor Angle

The trouble with time lapse photography is that you can’t move the camera. Once you’ve chosen your angle, you need to stick with it until the end. This means you have to think ahead. Don’t put the camera in a spot where it will be blocked for weeks on end by machinery or by the new building itself.

Not Testing Equipment

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to test the equipment before leaving it to do its thing. It would be highly unfortunate to come back weeks later only to find that the equipment was faulty and no footage had been captured.

Not Having Everything Online

An online camera setup will allow you to check progress and make tweaks along the way should there be any issues. An offline camera setup will mean that you can only detect problems after the fact when it’s too late to change anything. Moreover, online cameras allow the client to monitor progress as they go, adding value to the service.

Not Changing Intervals For Busy Or Quiet Periods

Sometimes construction sites will undergo quiet periods for weeks on end where it might seem like no progress is being made and then really busy periods where lots of things are happening. For example, on the day of a concrete pour, you want to make sure you ramp it up to get lots of footage. But when the site shuts down for a week over the Christmas period, you might want to slow down the snaps.

Many mistakes can be made, but not if you hire expert construction time lapse services from Construction Time Lapse Specialists. Contact us now to find out what we can do for you!