Why you need Construction Time Lapse Service

Why you need Construction Time Lapse Service

   Time-lapse photography is a technique for capturing images whereby the frequency of capturing the film is significantly more than the frequency used to view the sequence. Hence, when played at regular speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. A time-lapse video can be used to effectively communicate a project from start to finish within a short time. It is a top-notch and efficient way to market your services. In recent times, time-lapse has been used for construction projects as a tool to manage and market the work of project contractors.

Now, let’s take a look at how the time-lapse camera service has become instrumental to the growth and development of the construction industry.

   It gives contractors a compelling way to tell a complete story about their project from start to finish in a crisp, clear, and high-resolution presentation format. Contractors can showcase details of their work through a properly detailed and high-quality medium. It also appeals to the audience’s sense of sight, which is an effective marketing strategy. Construction time-lapse service helps to share or upload high-quality images and videos on the company’s websites, social media accounts, and press releases or eNewsletters. Construction works and details may be difficult to understand; however, this process makes it significantly easier to grasp the concept and understand the process. It also helps the project manager to stay on top of all developments.

   Construction time-lapse service helps spot mistakes and mismanagements throughout the construction process. The project manager has an on-site visual record from his office or anywhere in the world, which helps improve processes, monitor OH&S compliance, and aids dispute resolution. It gives him a clear sight of all the processes and factors that go into executing the project. From wrong deliveries to improper storage of materials, to lazy subcontractors, time-lapse photography features allow the opportunity to address and resolve these mismanagements sooner, rather than later.

   A video collage that spans up to a one hour or thirty-second footage can be compressed into a few minutes clip, showing all the details and developments or advancements of a project.