Time Lapse Quality – Commercial Versus Hobby Camera Strategy

When your company is desiring to purchase or hire a time-lapse construction camera, you should base your decision on several fundamental factors. This can ensure long uninterrupted time-lapse of your construction project. One of the strategies is use of the Time lapse quality – commercial versus hobby camera criteria. We have been using external hard disks, SD cards and other storage devices to store images before the emergence of commercial time-lapse.
Cameras had a lot of problems such as a low battery, and we could not tell the system had stopped. Avoid systems that provide onboard storage without 3G or 4G remote access unless you are operating on an off-grid system with no 3G and $g connections. If you are conducting your project in an off-grid system, you have several options, and you should check the camera frequently.

Commercial time-lapse cameras should be integrated with 3G or 4G signals and use a system that can upload your images remotely for security reasons. Commercial time-lapse camera system takes a photo and then transfers it to an onboard SSD. The USB is directly connected to the system brain, which processes the image before uploading it to a live portal.
The images are then synced to a Dropbox. The system is then scheduled to scan and cross-check them against the images uploaded in the portal. Using commercial cameras for the time-lapse project is the safest way to ensure your construction project is a success.
Several companies, like Brinno, offer Hobby time-lapse cameras. Such type of cameras cannot meet the standard criteria of most council construction projects and tenders. The construction industry requires a camera with a minimum of 24 megapixels and uses DSLR.
Time-lapse camera for construction requires full HD video or even better. Most of the hobby cameras are 720 pixels and not full 1080HD. In most tender specs, remote viewing is a pretty standard; their hobby cameras cannot meet the specs to sustain your construction time-lapse.
For your construction time lapse quality – commercial versus hobby camera, you should consider the dynamic range. The significance of a higher dynamic range is to help you decrease flicker in the final time-lapse images and videos. Higher dynamic range can be achieved by using commercial cameras and frame-blending.