The use of documented time lapse footage as a reference tool to improve construction in Brisbane

The transformation from bare ground into a tall standing building involves a lot of phases. Each of these phases is a matrix of activities that requires certain hybrid expertise. It is then true to say that building construction is a complex process to understand.

Many processes can be described by words, but construction is not one of them. As skills get passed down, there’s a need to depend on technology that offers a reliable training and reference tool. Time lapse Brisbane is one such technology.

What is time lapse technology?

Time-lapse is a fascinating technique of photography that captures regular snapshots of an event with a slow rate of transformation. In this case, construction. These photos are then combined and condensed into a short video that can be played back much faster than normal. As a result, sequence of change that would take hours, weeks and even years to see can be viewed over a few minutes or less.

Professional construction time lapse photography offers high definition photos that depict every single step of the process. Pictures say more than words can ever do; the more reason to time lapse Brisbane construction projects. What better way is there to understand complex dynamics and get useful insights than through a visual documentation of a building’s journey in its entirety? Not to mention the ability to make comparison between various projects.

If you are in the building industry and have never considered this technology as the game changer, read on for more reasons to time lapse Brisbane construction works and the role it plays in future projects.

  1. Architecture

A building’s design is one of the biggest considerations before putting it up. Nonetheless, there are other costs besides the labor and materials that need to be put into consideration when choosing a design.

Every building design comes with a certain degree of damage to existing infrastructure, displacement of natural soil, energy consumption among other undesirable impacts. As an architect, it is fundamental to assess and advice on the real cost of particular designs.

A construction time lapse documentation of previous similar design unravels any socio-economic and environmental impacts that a building will have. This way, an architect is in a better position to advice on these pertinent issues and make necessary adjustment to minimise the impact.

  1. Remodelling

Over time houses require some form of remodelling. It could be the construction of an extension of the house whether on the same level (out) or a storey up. Deteriorated interiors may call for renovation of a room or two. A roof might need complete removal and installation of something brand new.

A time lapse video of the initial building is a useful reference tool for structural analysis to determine what will hold up and blend into existing systems. It provides critical data on the construction process that was initially followed and its current day viability.

Remodelling contractors will be able to view and assess the foundation, slab and other structural details. It also reveals any vital metrics that may have been missed during development of the plan for a seamless continuity and uniformity of the whole building.

  1. Prefab assembly

Prefabricated residences, a more affordable and faster way to acquire a home than traditional housing is getting popular. It involves combination of pre-made structural components into a housing unit which may also be disassembled and transported to be mounted on a different location.

Most manufacturers provide the instruction manuals for assembly. Wouldn’t it be ideal if these manuals came as time lapse videos instead? Even contractors with no real experience in this type of construction can use the footage as a guide to undertake the assembly of prefab houses.

  1. Staff training

Another good reason to document in time lapse Brisbane construction projects is to take notes from the experience by reviewing previous work done, staff can always learn a thing or two.

Various aspects of building will always need some polishing up including efficient material allocation and usage, energy conservation, accident mitigation, time saving techniques etc. Lessons that appear difficult to explain can be grasped easily with fewer words by simply playing back the film.

It is evident that a time lapse video still remains valuable even in the future. This is among its many other uses before and during the actual construction such as reporting, monitoring, surveillance and promotion. Long after completion of a building, the documentation remains to be a powerful source of reference.

Adoption of time lapse technology by home builders, developers, building contractors, civil engineers and architects in their profession goes a long way in steering the efficiency of building works in Brisbane towards perfection. To time lapse Brisbane construction projects is to provide a platform to learn from the past mistakes to make better the future of our residential and commercial buildings.