Why You Should Consider Time Lapse Camera Hire

If you’re planning on making a stunning visual record of your construction project, you would do well to consider time lapse camera hire as a viable option.

You could choose to use your own existing smartphone or DSLR camera for the job, or perhaps you’re tech-savvy enough to build a DIY time lapse solution. However, there are some key things you should consider before going those routes. Here are some reasons why you should consider going with a time lapse camera hire.

Singular Purpose

Some cameras are a jack of all trades but a master of none. Smartphone cameras, for example, are advanced pieces of technology capable of performing a wide variety of photographic functions but are not designed for such singular purposes as long-term time lapse photography in rugged locales such as construction sites.

For example, a purpose-built time lapse camera will have a rugged housing to protect it from the elements, run on low power to ensure a long life, and be able to be connected to a reliable power source for long term use such as solar or AC power.

Moreover, a purpose-built time lapse camera will be simple to use and will not be over-encumbered with unnecessary features that could interfere with its usefulness as a time lapse recording device.

Monitoring And Post Production 

Most DIY and time lapse photography solutions lack the key ability to monitor the footage in real-time. This ability enables you to make adjustments along the way if you notice a problem. It also makes editing and creating a video of the stills – also known as post-production – a lot simpler.

Purpose-built time lapse cameras are capable of Internet connectivity, which allows them to upload footage to the cloud for monitoring in real-time. These cameras then allow for remote control as well, meaning that changes in time lapse photograph intervals can be easily implemented as desired, as well as tweaks to the angle, focus, zoom and more.

These abilities ultimately lead to a better end product and a more sure investment. When you’re spending millions of dollars on a long term construction project, you don’t want to find out months down the line that your footage is unusable because of an issue you didn’t pick up owing to the inability to monitor the time lapse.

Hiring a purpose-built time lapse camera when the stakes are so high is a worthwhile investment. Hiring such equipment typically includes expert advice and help as well.

For all your time lapse needs, including time lapse camera hire and expert support, contact Construction Time Lapse Specialists and let us know how we can help you!