Every successful construction company wants to be recognised. But what is the best way to go about this? Are you supposed to stand on the top of the roof and shout out to the world? Or drag your friends around to show then your projects?

Well, there are so many options to showcase your projects, but most of them require time and energy. The advancement in technology especially in the construction industry has brought more good than harm.

We provide construction time-lapse cameras that can be used to record the success of your company, and this is the ideal solution since it acts as a reporting tool.

The cameras capture HD videos that are stunning and amazing. The reporting tool can take your construction company to another level in terms of the numbers of clients.

The equipment shot footage in real time, and you can monitor whatever is happening on the site despite being in a remote location.

The construction site is susceptible to theft cases, and the time-lapse cameras can also act as CCTV. They tend to capture the footage on how the theft case took place. The evidence can be enough in the court of law.

Sometimes the workers on the construction project can disagree and result in a conflict. The films captured earlier can help to resolve the dispute since you will be able to spot the course of the problem.

There are some parts of the building that can be unreachable after construction. You will need a system that can help to monitor cracks or any damage. Installation of the time-lapse cameras can help to resolve such scenarios.

A lot of clients and construction companies want to reduce overhead costs. One of the most common value is the one incurred while traveling to the site daily.

Time-lapse cameras can help cut off such costs since you will have the ability to access the progress of the project while at the comfort of your office or home.

Time-lapse cameras are great reporting tools since the footage about the construction project can be shared during the meeting involving stakeholders and clients.

The films are readily available online, and you only need some logins to access the entire series of events taking place at the site.

What makes a Construction Time-Lapse a Great Subject?

It is a good thing to learn why time-lapse is an excellent subject before learning how to shoot time-lapse videos for your next project.

Time-lapse is a perfect tool for reporting since it provides information through the video footage that you cannot see with naked eyes. The setting of the cameras can speed up nature and make it appear fantastic.

The time-lapse cameras can capture anything from the beginning up to the end of the project like rising and setting of the sun. Time-lapse make everything to look appealing and compelling to the eyes.

The time-lapse video makes a busy scene to look great. The cameras can be used to act as CCTV and also systems to check areas on the project that needs modification.

The time-lapse cameras can capture even minute things happening around the construction site, and this can be great for your management.

You only need to identify a vantage point and set up your cameras so that they can provide detailed information that will enable you to make informed decisions about your entire project.

How to Set Up a Time-Lapse Cameras

Time-lapse cameras are set to take a shot of pictures over a predefined period in a job site. To have a success story then you need to install time-lapse cameras around the job site.

The following are the tips for capturing captivating time-lapse videos for your next project:

  1. Thorough Planning – Study the site thoroughly and try to identify a point where you can set up the cameras without experiencing any form of obstruction. Plan where to install the cameras and ensure the end cannot be identified by people working on the site.
  2. Avail All the Required Materials – Avail all the equipment needed to the site to create a fantastic story from the time-lapse video. Ensure the cameras and tripod stands have been avail to make the work of setting up very easy and straightforward.
  3. Adjusting the Camera – Create a perfect frame that will make your shots exciting and entertaining. This is achieved by making several adjustments to the setting of your cameras. The auto setting is the best option to select since the cameras are going to stay on the site without being operated by anybody.
  4. Focus the Cameras – The vantage point identified should provide a clear focus to the site to capture every event taking place whether at night or daytime. This is the tip to be taken seriously since it will provide the required information concerning the site.
  5. Get to Know Period of the Event – It will enable you to detect the period the battery of the camera will take. In case the project is supposed to take several months then you will need to replace the battery after sometime when the charger is over.